How your sleep habits can help or hinder your gut microbiome, your brain health, and your hormones! Nutrition experts Nicole Chenard & Madison MacFarland break it down so you can sleep better now!

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s Dietetic Intern, Madison MacFarland discusses with Award-Winning Dietitian Nutritionist Nicole Chenard, MS, RD, LDN, the latest research in the connection between nutrition, hormones, and sleep. Included in this discussion: how your sleep habits impact everything from your appetite, your mood, the composition of the bacteria in your gut, and your ability to detox! Learning the “new” basics can help you make informed choices when it comes to your nutrition, exercise and sleep. This episode will help clarify why it’s not that you “don’t have the willpower”, and there’s scientific reasons why you may be grabbing ice cream or potato chips for a night time snack. After listening, you’ll have a deeper understanding of why the stages of sleep matter and how to measure them.Also discussed: the circadian rhythm and how it affects sex hormones and hunger hormones.

Villanova University’s Center for Obesity Prevention & Education (COPE)

Harvard Law School’s Center for Health Law & Policy Innovation

Interactions between sleep, stress, and metabolism: From physiological to pathological conditions

Coupled electrophysiological, hemodynamic, and cerebrospinal fluid oscillations in human sleep

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Nicole earned her bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Simmons College while working as a Personal Trainer at Boston Sports Clubs and Gold's Gym. While at Simmons College, she competed in crew, ice hockey and cheerleading. She went on to earn her master's degree in Applied Nutrition with a concentration in Fitness from Northeastern University. Between undergraduate school and graduate school, Nicole completed one year of service under the auspices of AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas as a Wellness Coordinator at a K-12 public charter school. Nicole completed her Dietetic Internship through Wellness Workdays to gain experience in Clinical Dietetics, Community Nutrition, Long Term Care Nutrition, Food Service Management, Corporate Wellness, Private Nutrition Counseling, and Sports Dietetics. Nicole worked as a Research Assistant at Tufts University for a Preliminary Investigation of Civic Engagement as a Novel Approach to Behavior Change and Body Weight Improvement in African American Females: The Change Club Study. Nicole recently launched the clinical and fitness nutrition programs for the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital's Home Base Program. For the past few years, Nicole has increased wellness programs at the John Nagle Co. in Boston's Seaport District, bringing in fitness instructors, yoga instructors, the American Heart Association, healthy restaurant options, and health screenings to a diverse population of fisheries workers. More recently, Nicole worked on the Framingham State Food Study with Boston Children's Hospital and is currently working on the Breast Cancer Weight Loss Study with Dana Farber. Nicole continues to help deployed service members and their spouses and partners find and create new avenues for healthy lifestyles before, during, and after deployment. Nicole has experience counseling veterans, professional, adult and college athletes, and individuals and families looking to make changes in their routines to better their health. Nicole lives an active lifestyle and this year completed the Boston Marathon injury and cramp-free. Nicole enjoys educating individuals and groups. Some of the topics she teaches include: Choosing Foods to Improve Your Mood, Eating for Exercise, How to Navigate the Grocery Store, Eat This not That, Building a Balanced Meal, How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off, and Finding Health Sources You Can Trust.

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