Quick, Easy Ways to Fuel for Better Sleep and Performance

Timing and type of nutrients consumed before exercise and competition matter, and for those of us just trying to get through the grueling workday as well! Perform better in all your busy work and life days by following this sports nutrition fueling guide and adapting as needed for your individual nutrient needs. Book a sessionContinue reading “Quick, Easy Ways to Fuel for Better Sleep and Performance”

Supplement Red Flags

  Supplements 101 Have you ever wondered about which supplements you should take, or how to know which supplement companies are trustworthy? Well, like the relationship status people sometimes admit on Facebook… it’s complicated! First of all, supplements should never be taken in place of a healthy diet, or “just in case.” Some dietary supplementsContinue reading “Supplement Red Flags”

Our Nation’s Biggest Budget & Defense Weakness: Completely Preventable Diet-Related Disease & Death

What Every Physician Needs to Know Now “For way too long in this country, we have treated a person’s health and person’s diet as separate. Don’t take my word for it. Look at the data. In the United States, medical schools devote an average of 19 hours to nutrition education over 4 years. Let meContinue reading “Our Nation’s Biggest Budget & Defense Weakness: Completely Preventable Diet-Related Disease & Death”

Supplement Safety for Athletes

Major League Nutrition is happy to begin offering the updated “Supplement Safety for Athletes” presentation online and in person beginning this November 2021! Request to Book Presentation What will you/your athletes gain from this 1 hr presentation with Q &A? Everything you and your athletes need to know to get the cutting edge with supplements!Continue reading “Supplement Safety for Athletes”

New Episode Coming Soon to the Major League Nutrition Show!

Interview with: Laura Hartung MAHE, RDN, LLC, ASCM-CPT, AFFA Group Exercise Instructor, Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, Corporate Wellness Educator, Entrepreneur and World Traveler. The Major League Nutrition Show Podcast Book a Virtual or In-Person Sports Nutrition Team Presentation

Drug-induced Nutrient Depletion: Are Your Medications Ruining Your Energy?

Drug-induced nutrient depletions are often overlooked as the root cause of side effects and medical conditions. It is important that physicians, specialists, dentists, dietitians and pharmacists pay close attention to a patient’s full medication list and explain nutrient depletion side effects of each medication the patient is taking or is considering taking. This includes prescriptionContinue reading “Drug-induced Nutrient Depletion: Are Your Medications Ruining Your Energy?”

Interpreting Food Container Date Info During Covid-19 “Stay at Home” Order

Hello Fellow Quaranteeners! Confused about how long your food will actually last? You’re not alone! Since we’re all avoiding going food shopping, and my mom keeps asking how long her hummus will last, this information can be VERY helpful! “Use By” on a food container does not mean “throw out by this date” It means,Continue reading “Interpreting Food Container Date Info During Covid-19 “Stay at Home” Order”

About Major League Nutrition

Major League Nutrition is owned by Nicole Chenard, award-winning registered dietitian, sports nutritionist, and fitness expert. Nicole provides nutrition counseling & health and wellness coaching & education as well as corporate wellness presentations virtually. Her expertise in counseling and leadership has been awarded by the Massachusetts Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as a result ofContinue reading “About Major League Nutrition”

Mediterranean Diet Linked to Improved Cognitive Function in Diabetes

Mediterranean diet may improve cognitive function in diabetes.   Patients with type 2 diabetes who closely followed a Mediterranean diet, which is rich in: fish fruits healthy fats legumes whole grains vegetables experienced greater improvements in cognitive function, and word recognition than those with and without diabetes who ate other diets, including the DASH diet,Continue reading “Mediterranean Diet Linked to Improved Cognitive Function in Diabetes”

The Shocking Costs of Dining Out

Research from the USDA shows that people usually underestimate the number of calories they’re consuming when they eat outside of the home. Why? Outside foods typically have more: calories sodium sugar and saturated fat (fats found from dairy, meat, and coconut and palm oils) Restaurants don’t typically list their hidden calories and their menus mayContinue reading “The Shocking Costs of Dining Out”

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