Major League Nutrition Values:

  •  eating well
  • optimizing stress responses
  • strategizing recovery
  • finding balance
  • motivation and accountability

Clients are met where they are right now.

  Nutrition can have a beneficial or detrimental impact on performance and overall health and well-being.



Clients count on our:

  • facts (not fads) approach
  •  experiences
  • credible sources
  • network of experts in the field
  • collaboration with colleagues
  • innovation


She is an active athlete, former competitive college athlete (ice hockey and the highest level competitive cheerleading) and successful Boston Marathon finisher.

Her medical training involving nutrition for Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD and the unique needs of government employees, civilians and their families places her in a subject matter expert category.

Nicole formally founded her private practice, Major League Nutrition, in 2018 in order to provide care to the heroes who have been slipping through the cracks – the men and women who care the most, our nation’s veterans. 

Her method helps many clients to win their day via evidence-based, data-driven motivational interviewing techniques.

Do you need someone with extensive experience with results-driven consulting? Do you need someone with a proven track record of success to help you thrive? 

Read stories some of Nicole’s clients and colleagues have shared on the testimonials page.

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