-Julie A.

“I liked that we met at Starbucks; Nicole imparted information that I needed to know, listened to my concerns and answered my questions.”

Katherine D.

“Nicole is realistic. She doesn’t tell you what to do. She asks you all these questions about your life and finds out what makes sense for you. I’ve never been to a dietitian like her before. She also challenges you, but you need it. My whole life has changed for the better, even since our first conversation. I never knew there was so much that goes into how and what we eat.”

George D.

“My family and I think about what you taught us when we’re making choices for dinner, and even on vacation. You have helped us make better choices and even though you were hired to help me, the whole family benefits. Seriously!”

“I’ve been working with Nikki for a few months shy of two years. In that time, I have lost 22 pounds and about 7% body fat. I have also come to terms with some food intolerances that I didn’t want to admit to myself were an issue. I cannot say enough good things about working with Nikki. She takes a holistic approach to helping you improve your eating and lifestyle. She has been incredibly supportive and positive while also pushing me to take better care of myself. She will take the time to get to know you and will meet you where you are now and help you make manageable, sustainable changes to work toward your goal. I have done a million diets in my life. I’ve lost and gained back probably hundreds of pounds. Since working with Nikki, this is the first time I have ever felt a sense of confidence that the change I am making is going to be permanent. Oh, and she’ll still let you drink some wine from time to time :0) Need help eating better? Feeling better? Finding a way to be consistent without feeling horribly constrained? Work with Nikki. She has legitimately changed my life. ” – Marita

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