“Monday I had my company holiday outing. I put all my skills in check like we have been working on.

1. I had a protein shake for lunch (eat light).
2. I looked up the menu online before hand & decided what to eat beforehand.
3. I decided on the small wedge salad & cup of carrot bisque soup (I planned on the French onion but I remembered the bread and the cheese extra calories so switched it).
4. I didn’t need a to-go container because I ordered the smaller portions.
5. I left feeling satisfied.

I’m glad I put my skills in check because most people got a giant burger with probably 3 handfuls of fries way out of portion control or a flat bread pizza which was twice the size of a dinner plate. Everyone left stuffed and feeling full and I left satisfied for the first time at one of these. I remember every year I over ate and left full and stuffed not this year I got new skills!!

-Victoria E, (Has lost 49 pounds with 8 months of coaching with Nicole, all via phone)



“Nicole is an indisputable resource for anyone facing dietary challenges. Her vast knowledge base, scientific mind, and compassion make her an asset to anyone wishing to improve their performance!”

-Chris J, Performance Coach


“It’s incredible how important nutrition is for not only athletic performance, but everyday life. I really appreciate what you do. Thank you.”

              –  Tim, Professional Athlete


“I’ve been working with Nicole for a few months shy of two years. In that time, I have lost 22 pounds and about 7% body fat. I have also come to terms with some food intolerances that I didn’t want to admit to myself were an issue. I cannot say enough good things about working with Nicole. She takes a holistic approach to helping you improve your eating and lifestyle. She has been incredibly supportive and positive while also pushing me to take better care of myself.

She will take the time to get to know you and will meet you where you are now and help you make manageable, sustainable changes to work toward your goal. I have done a million diets in my life. I’ve lost and gained back probably hundreds of pounds. Since working with Nicole, this is the first time I have ever felt a sense of confidence that the change I am making is going to be permanent. Oh, and she’ll still let you drink some wine from time to time! Need help eating better? Feeling better? Finding a way to be consistent without feeling horribly constrained? Work with Nicole. She has legitimately changed my life.”

-Marita E.


“You’ve really changed the way I think about eating chocolate. I don’t feel guilty when I eat it anymore... and I eat about half as much! You have no idea how good this makes me feel!”

-Allison D.


“The most important piece of advice Nicole has given me is portion control. It is not a sin to leave food on your plate and discard or take it home. Another important pearl that Nicole has given me is that every day and decision counts. If you happen to enjoy a non-healthy meal, start fresh the next day and eat healthy and continue your journey toward healthy decisions in regard to food and drink. Don’t beat yourself up and say all is lost and continue bad decisions. Start fresh and move on.

Other Nicole fun facts- eat very slowly,  drink plenty of water and enjoy the company that you are dining with. With healthy eating and drinking you will be amazed how you will sleep better and have more energy during the day. Last Nicole fun fact is that poor planning makes poor performance. One should think about each purchase you make in a grocery store or on a menu at a restaurant.

Ask yourself, “Is there a better choice that can be made?” Remember that healthy eating is a cumulative sport and every decision you make gets you a step closer to your individual weight goal. Once a person gets in the healthy mindset with food and exercise choices there is no stopping you. NICOLE IS THE BEST!”

– David M. 


“I liked that Nicole imparted information that I needed to know, listened to my concerns and answered my questions.”

– Julie A. 

“Nicole,  yesterday was a momentous day.  Dr. H said my 165# weigh-in officially moved me from Obese to Overweight!  I never thought I would be happy to be overweight but I have you and your team to thank for helping me with that first major step to finally make changes and follow through with them. Thank you. Life is good because people like you and Dr. H give yourselves to help others.  I’m off to the gym!”
– Jill M.

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