UMass Students and Zing Bars!

Published on: January 30, 2018



Last week, the Nutrition students attending UMass Lowell kept their blood sugar steady trying tasty Zing Bars as I discussed with them the many pathways to becoming dietitian. This was my second time talking to the students at UML. Thank you for having me back Professor Keyes! These bright students will all go far! They asked GREAT questions. For example, “Should I join AmeriCorps?” The answer is YES!


If you are interested in trying Zing Bars, you can purchase Zing Bars at Wegmans and Star Markets. You can also purchase the bars at Zing Bars are created by dietitians (so you know you can trust the nutrition and quality!) and they are vegan, gluten-free AND non-GMO. Bonus: They also fit amaZINGly well in small pockets!



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